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Walk whenever you can. Through proper diet and exercise you will look and feel better and reduce stress.

Continue Learning about Hypertension

Also, quit smoking, limit alcohol, and reduce caffeine intake. Sometimes healthy habits are not enough to lower blood pressure.

The Silent Predator - Girl ESCAPES serial killer - Solves TWO other cases

If that's the case, your health care provider may recommend medications to lower blood pressure. Often more than one medication may be needed. It's important to take all your medications as prescribed and follow up with your health care provider regularly. Do not let yourself become a victim of this silent killer.

You can do this by making some simple changes in your life. Change your eating habits. Begin an exercise routine.

Why High Blood Pressure is a "Silent Killer"

Take your medicine as prescribed and you can control blood pressure and ensure a healthier tomorrow. What is High Blood Pressure?

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Veterans Health Library. Login required. Sepsis is known as the silent killer and takes more lives than the annual road toll. More than 50 percent of sepsis deaths in children occur within 24 hours so it is essential parents are aware of early symptoms and seek urgent medical care. Providing more community and peer support for survivors of sepsis and their families. Many are left with horrendous life-changing conditions, including amputation and PTSD. Establishing a nationally recognised clinical standard of care for sepsis detection and treatment, and improve in hospital care by establishing dedicated sepsis teams.

Setting up a national sepsis body to drive and co-ordinate research, to measure the true incidence of sepsis by improving reporting, and to introduce alert systems in hospitals across Australia to ensure treatment starts as early as possible. Related Contacts:. Tina Wall. Senior Media Advisor. She was going to go back.

So she pushed herself to work the stairs. Day after day, slow dragging step after slow dragging step. Kristie is a survivor. Could happen at any time, anywhere. Except she seems to be holding them at bay. Her own way. So here she is. She has cognitive problems as well. But she is out on the stairs in the early morning, in this beautiful place, that so many know about and never bother to visit.

Much less use for workouts. She is pushing her unpredictable body and unreliable brain to work. Making it work. And so far, winning the battle.

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She promised to send me her contact information. I want to interview her for my book. When she pulled out her phone, she struggled to get the information entered so that she could text me later. I also gave her my email, just in case.

Hypertension – the silent killer you need to know

Kristie promised to send me her contact information that afternoon. She may not even remember me.

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  6. The Silent Killer, But Not this Woman. The Courage in Everyday People..
  7. I hope so, for I really want to learn more about her. I love her story. Kristie is among the reasons I am out at Red Rocks.

    High Blood Pressure

    While there are serious badasses with near-perfect bodies who strut the steps and show their stuff, what energizes me far more are folks like Kristie. Her determination, her courage in the face of what must have felt like insurmountable odds remind me not only of how fortunate I am to have most of my faculties, but how damned fortunate I am to meet people like her.

    May is National Stroke Awareness Month.

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    The Silent Killer

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