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You'll want to spend at least three days in Copenhagen. In fact, you'll want to spend at least three days in each capital, along with on overnight in Flam, if you decide to take that detour. The next stop on our itinerary is Stockholm , Sweden's capital. Stockholm is miles or kilometers from Copenhagen. By train, the journey takes 5 to 7 hours. Stockholm is an extraordinary city built on 14 islands.

If you like to be beside water, Stockholm's your place; around the Swedish capital, 24, islands are waiting to be explored. The distance between Oslo and Stockholm is miles or kilometers. Trains take about six hours to make the trip.

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Get ready for one of the most scenic part of your trek across Scandinavia. Bergen is a wonderfully scenic coastal town in Norway, and if you detour to Flam via the Myrdal to Flam railway , you'll get some even more spectacular scenery. Going straight from Oslo to Bergen without the detour takes 6. There are 4 trains a day.

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But you really don't want to miss the Flam extension. The trains that take you way down to Flam station tucked into the Aurlandfjord, are special in themselves. The steepness requires 5 different braking systems; the altitude goes from meters at Myrdal to 2 meters at Flam. Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, CEO of a media and influencer agency, says that saunas in a business context can serve as a good ice-breaker Credit: Ping.

Although Scandinavia is often viewed globally as a beacon for gender equality, women still lag behind in pay, management and company ownership. While many tech events in the region have been actively working to attract more female speakers in recent years, very few achieve gender equality when it comes to ticket sales.

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So those people who miss the sauna can feel that others have already bonded by the time they meet. Meanwhile, although reports of sexual misconduct at sauna events in the Nordics are rare, some women who have attended tech scene sauna parties say they have experienced a misogynistic culture. Funny for whom? Others have warned that while taking a sauna is a normalised activity for many men and women who grew up in the Nordics, event planners should be more sensitive towards expats, immigrants and international visitors who attend start-up conferences.

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  8. Foreigners such as Dee Johnson urge event planners to be more sensitive towards cultural differences when promoting saunas as workplace meeting spaces Credit: Kathryn Leroux. Organisers of major sauna parties, including media and influencer agency Ping and the Finnish Business Angels Network a national non-profit of private investors , which has put on high-profile sauna events to coincide with tech conferences such as the 20,attendee Helsinki festival Slush , insist they have not had direct complaints from sauna participants in recent years.

    However, the recent bubbling public debate about sauna parties in the Nordics is clearly causing some to rethink their approach.

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    Starting Out: The Scandinavian
    Starting Out: The Scandinavian
    Starting Out: The Scandinavian
    Starting Out: The Scandinavian
    Starting Out: The Scandinavian

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