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  • Weaving a Navajo Blanket.
  • Morphine (band).
  • High Road Touring.
  • Green Blood is for France.

Hanging on a Curtain Morphine. Eleven O'Clock Morphine.

Morphine – Songs & Albums

Patience Alternate Version Morphine. Anita Morphine.

French Fries With Pepper Morphine. Sunday Afternoon Weightlessness Morphine.

Shame Morphine. Pulled Over the Car Morphine. My Brain Morphine. Mile High Morphine. Mail Morphine.

Ray Davies - Morphine Song Lyrics

Kerouac Morphine. I Know You, Part 2 live Morphine. Have a Lucky Day live Morphine. Down Love's Tributaries Morphine. Bo's Veranda Morphine. All Wrong live Morphine. Miles Davis' Funeral Morphine. Let's Take a Trip Together Morphine. I'm Free Now Morphine. The Way We Met Morphine. Slow Numbers Morphine. I'm Yours, You're Mine Morphine. The Jury Morphine.

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Free Love Morphine. This song feels like that medicine, going down easy and smooth. The saxophone soars almost as much as it growls and Sandman sings with a lightness not often present in his vocal. I would have, for years, selected the harder groove of Part 3 from Like Swimming , a song that dominated my listening for a time in college but this more ambient installment is the best of the bunch. The muted sounds and vocals give this a seductive sophistication.

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  6. About | Vapors of Morphine;
  7. Okay, not exactly but this one rocks a little harder and plays a little faster than much of the band's canon. The saxophone sprints and shrieks to a driving beat and strutting vocal. It hits hard and has a rare overdubbed harmony vocal in the chorus. In the last five years, David O. I find myself asking how it can be that David O.

    Morphine released five studio albums, but their greatest legacy remains the warm, complex, and rewarding Cure for Pain. Unlike other bands active in Boston from the same era like the Pixies or Galaxie , Morphine did not base its sound around guitar or post-punk derivations. Opening and closing with two brief, instrumental tracks, the album bears the markers of a lifespan.

    Morphine - Buena

    Hand drumming, acoustic guitar, and textured percussion provide the foundation for a highly processed, yet plaintive electric guitar solo.

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