Roman Britain Through Its Objects

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By degrees, however, they came into contact with villas, towns and markets. Here they could exchange their produce for Roman-style goods and see people dressing and behaving in Roman ways. Around this time most of the cities of Britain were enclosed within earthen defensive walls, which may have been linked to the invasion. Severus divided Britain into two provinces, Britannia Superior south and Inferior north , with capitals at London and York respectively. This prevented too many troops from being concentrated in the hands of a single governor who might have attempted to usurp power.

Edited by Martin Millett, Louise Revell, and Alison Moore

Alongside the cities, which acquired stone walls at this time, the 3rd century saw increased numbers of small market towns, villages and villas. Roman objects were now more common in even the poorest rural settlements. There were still threats to the province.

The next 50 years or so were a golden age of agricultural prosperity and villa building, especially in the south-west. But the later 4th century saw chronic insecurity and the great invasion known as the barbarian conspiracy of AD Confident new building had ceased by the s. Repeated attempts to usurp the empire by generals based in Britain the last being Constantine III in AD drained the diocese of troops. By AD Britain had slipped out of Roman control, its inhabitants left to fend for themselves.

Britons on the Move: Mobility of British-Born Emigrants in the Roman Empire - Oxford Handbooks

Lions were commonly used as sacred symbols in Roman memorials, but the Corbridge lion is different. Find out what this extraordinary sculpture tells us about changing beliefs in Roman Britain. A pair of skeletons at Housesteads Fort reveal a brutal side of everyday life in Roman Britain. How a unique collection of finds reveals that the Roman city of Wroxeter had a temple dedicated to a god with the power to cure eye diseases.

From strange heads on pots to missing temples, there are many things about Corbridge Roman Town that continue to puzzle us. An introduction to the design, development and purpose of Roman country villas, and the lifestyles of their owners. Rome's success was built on the organised and practical application of ideas long known to the ancient world. The daily experiences of most people in Britain were inevitably touched by its incorporation into the Roman Empire. Most people in Roman Britain made their livings from a mixture of subsistence farming and exchange of specialist goods.

How the Roman conquest changed how people in Britain ate, and how they looked after their health. It is also about contemporary life all over the world, and works with modern-day indigenous communities in all kinds of ways. This taught gallery session discusses how daily life changed for Britons under Roman occupation. Using the Museum's collection, the session aims to further explore the Roman concepts of towns and town life, evolving craft specialisation, food and feasting, ritual and religion, and personal identity through adornment.


The objects on display in our Cambridgeshire gallery offer a unique opportunity for students to examine both ornate Roman artefacts carried from Rome versus unique and utilitarian objects manufactured on British soil in the Roman style. As an optional addition to your visit students are also offered the opportunity to speak with members from the Faculties of Archaeology or Anthropology, part of University of Cambridge, to hear more about degree level study.

This offer is subject to availability and upon request at the point of booking. Furthermore, the chapter deals with the occurrence of British-made brooches on the Continent and analyses how the contexts in which British brooches appeared reflect the diversity of their meanings and associations which emanated through their usage, considering that brooches are not evidence of the ethnicity of their users and wearers.

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It argues that the past was an important matter when brooches were put in specific contexts abroad. The desire to forget, reinvent, evoke, or project the past attests to the importance and value of memory in communities who travelled from Roman Britain to the Continent. Millett, L. Revell and A. View on oxfordhandbooks. Ivleva, British emigrants in the Roman Empire: complexities and symbols of ethnic identities. Oxbow: Oxford: Brooches tell tales: British-made brooches in Germania Inferior and Superior as indicators of the presence of British emigrants more.

More Info: K. Huijben, S.

Book Reviews. Bokern et al. View on bmcreview. Hemelrijk and G. Woolf more. View on ajaonline. Review on T. Kristensen and B.

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JRA Supplementary Series Journal of Roman Archaeology, Portsmouth, R. ISBN cloth. Review on Peter S. Wells ed. JRA supplementary series, ISBN View on bmcr. PhD thesis. Britons abroad : the mobility of Britons and the circulation of British-made objects in the Roman Empire more.

Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects Roman Britain Through Its Objects
Roman Britain Through Its Objects

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