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Just Rewards

Kyle Johnson Caren Parmenter News Reporter Julie Richeson Crowd William Soto Taglines: A mild-mannered husband and his dimwit best friend seek revenge on his meddlesome neighbor. See what happens when a prank goes bad. Language: English.

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Runtime: 26 min. Color: Color. Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Learn more More Like This. Love at the Lake. Radiant Shimmering Light. Love at the Fair.

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American Disaster. Not yet released. Angel denies that he had anything to do with what happened to Spike. Spike calls him a sell-out, noting that one of his perks is that Angel has Spike"s "ex-tumble, the littlest vampire, fetching coffee" for him. He echoes Angel's realization from " Home " that fighting from inside the belly of the beast might mean the gang is being digested. He says that Angel isn't in control and doesn't know it. He suddenly spots a Grox-lar Beast, which Angel fights; Spike can't fight it because he's non corporeal.

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Angel breaks the demon's neck, then learns from Harmony that he was supposed to meet with it to negotiate with its clan. Gunn arrives and tells Angel that it might be okay, since Grox-lars respect people who take a "strong opening position. Harmony attempts to chat with Spike, but he ignores her and leaves, prompting her to call him a "slayer-loving freak. Spike arrives, noting that the building is huge, and Angel tries to kick him out so he can continue his meeting.

Gunn warns that the fired employees are going to fight back, then says that he is going to have to deal with one now.

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An employee named Novac comes in and asks why Angel shut down the Interment Acquisitions Division aka grave-robbing. The division is under contract to provide bodies to a necromancer named Magnus Hainsley; Angel tells Novac to get rid of Hainsley as a client. As Novac leaves, Spike tells him that he doesn't have to take that from Angel.

Angel kicks him out and Spike says that he doesn't want to spend his afterlife this way anyway. Later, Angel talks with Wesley, telling him that he could be in Spike's position right now. Wesley notes that they handed over the firm to him and Angel wonders what the Senior Partners are up to. Spike returns and reveals that he tried to leave but something physically kept him inside L. Spike is annoyed that he can't leave and Angel is annoyed that Spike is going to keep haunting him.

Harmony tells Angel that Novac is back and two men walk in holding buckets full of Novac's remains. Spike smirks and tells the gang they are doing a great job. That night, Angel tells Harmony that he wants to keep quiet about Novac for a little while. Angel returns to his office, where he tries and fails to kick Spike out of his chair.

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He decides that he's going to respond to Hainsley's bucket message in person despite Wesley's warnings. Before Angel leaves, Gunn gives him something to really hurt Hainsley. Angel heads to the garage and gets into a Dodge Viper ; Spike is already there, having guessed that Angel would pick that car.

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Spike is starting to enjoy the possibility of haunting Angel for eternity since he could drive Angel crazy and Angel wouldn't be able to do anything in response. Angel moves to a different car, but Spike is there, too, wanting to go on a road trip with his old buddy Angel. They drive to Hainsley's house, where Angel tells the butler to interrupt whatever Hainsley is doing. Angel and Spike find Hainsley's showroom, where he poses bodies.

Hainsley is in his workshop, chanting over a body as a demon chats nearby.

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Hainsley tells him to kill them. Back in the showroom, Spike says that the bodies there are lucky, since no one's forced them back into the world against their will. The butler returns with knives "looks like it's buckets for you," Spike tells Angel , but Angel throws a teaspoon with enough force to bury it in the butler's forehead.

Spike is disappointed in Angel's method of killing the butler, despite the fact that it did the job. Angel replies that unlike Spike, he didn't ask for a soul - he had to spend a century coming to terms with what he'd done, while Spike was fine after a few weeks in a basement.

JUST Rewards JUST Rewards
JUST Rewards JUST Rewards
JUST Rewards JUST Rewards
JUST Rewards JUST Rewards
JUST Rewards JUST Rewards
JUST Rewards JUST Rewards
JUST Rewards JUST Rewards
JUST Rewards JUST Rewards

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