Desert Heat: Creature From The Past

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Upon going down over the back side of the sand mound it seemed to slightly "jog like a guy" down the hill and keep going down and down until it disappeared. She said that it seemed as if it went down into a cave into the desert even though she the next day could not find a cave entrance in the area she figured perhaps it had a trap door of some kind.

Creature was last seen approximately 50 feet or so original spot before disappearing "into the ground. She reached the destination of where the creature had been crouching when she first saw it and noticed that there was a dead coyote where "he" the creature had been before he got up to walk away.

She did not see any bite marks on the carcass. Nor did she get out of the vehicle at all.

She noticed the coyote's head was severed CLEANLY as if by a knife or other instrument and tossed approximately ft to the west into the desert away from the road and that NO BLOOD was present anywhere on the neck neck cut looked shiny as if glistening, and was a light pinkish color with no blood at all and no blood was present other than the smear on the carcass, nor on the ground.

She did not feel safe enough to get out of the car and finally drove away.

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It appeared to have small but pointy-like ears? She also said that the legs and arms in the artist's depiction were not right, that in the drawing they looked "too human" and were more "ape-like.


PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: She and her husband and another man-friend came back the following day to check out the area and the sighting location, but the carcass was gone, no cave was found and no more creatures were seen nor were any footprints found as the desert there is sandy and the winds come and go. She did notice that her husband and friend they are 5'" and 6'-2" tall looked very short compared to how the creature looked standing in the same area. After this incident she immediately followed up by going to the library to see if there was any other information available on such creatures seen in the desert there, and started talking with people in the area.

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She had been driving home about 9pm at night. It had been sprinkling rain and as she turned the corner to the SW her house is 3 doors from the corner on the S side of the road she noticed that a creature of great height was standing in the entryway of her next door neighbor's house house was NE of hers.

The creature appeared to have same shape and build as the one she had previously seen in the desert and his eyes appeared to glow red similarly how cat's eyes glow in the dark. The creature walked upright in front of the house, then fell down on all fours and ran QUICKLY like a blur up the street, around the corner to the SE and into the desert. To the NW of her subdivision her home is 5 blocks from the edge of the desert also.

The area is expanding quickly from the SW towards the NE. SOUNDS HEARD: No sounds associated with either sighting above, however she was once taking the trash out at night to her backyard she had just lifted the trash can lid , by the back rock wall pine trees line the edge of the wall and she heard a DEEP growl like warning noise! She said it did not sound like anything or any animal she had ever heard before and sounded like it was made from deep within the chest. This sound correlates to the same type of sound that my nephew and son heard north of Las Cruces, NM in that scared them so badly.

After hearing the sound, she went inside the house immediately. Nothing was seen. No odors were smelled. This noise happened June of towards the beginning of the month between - pm just after it got real dark. She was in her car for both of the sightings with windows rolled up. NOTE: Witness said that the artist's depiction of this "bigfoot" was not quite the same as the one she saw Also that the head was not as pointy in the back, but was more bulbous. Lake El Paso is the closest body of water, further northeast several miles up Horizon Blvd. Witness also mentioned that below that is a watering pond on a cattle ranch 1 mi before Lake El Paso to the NE.

Terrain: Desert with sandy mesquite mounds all over, cacti. Caves under Horizon City?

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Montanez has heard reports of bats at night flying around the desert meaning caves are nearby and that she heard once of someone saying they were in the desert and saw a "tornado" of bats flying out of the ground not far from Lake El Paso. Also I have heard of a separate report from my son's friend earlier this spring, of a cave entrance being found behind the middle school in Horizon. We also checked this out and it is desert behind the middle school. The witness also said she had talked to the construction crew who were working on the sewer pipes for the school that was being built and the workers told her they had found a cave and had to fill it in with dirt, and saw a branch-off of the cave leading somewhere else.

They had to fill in the cave so they could build the school. Possible Cattle Mutilations Connection. I have noticed an intriguing correlation between the coyote having no blood and the incidences of cattle and other animal mutilations related to UFO reports, etc. Note: This is the personal opinion of the individual field investigator, Sharon Eby.

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Another lead from the witness was given to me about a cattle rancher in west El Paso follow-up will hopefully occur who had this happen to his cattle, where the FBI, etc. Six Local Possible Bigfoot Sightings. Information given by Cecilia Montanez. He aimed his gun at it and the creature charged, hair and tall flashlights used??? They would stand by their fire and see at least 5 pairs of tall red eyes glowing and pacing around them. They would throw rocks at them until they left. NOTE from Sharon Eby: Please note that I once received a report of a boy and his father seeing "green eyes" from many tall beings in the darkness out east of El Paso in the desert which they thought were chupacabras.

These creatures made clicking noises similar to those on the movie "Signs" and freaked both the boy and the father out. I interviewed the boy around summer of I believe. A common link between the chupacabra translated "goat sucker" is that they suck the blood out of their animal prey. In this ONE particular case with Montanez's sighting, the Bigfoot was seen hunched over a coyote carcass which had been cleanly decapitated and no blood existed except for the small smear on the fur, but NO BLOOD on the neck or head itself!

Whether this Bigfoot caused this occurence in the coyote, or stumbled upon it is anyone's guess. Creature ran upright may be at night after closing?

This was at Ft. Bliss Biggs Field years ago before loop was built. Follow-ups on much of this will be done. I have more details on witness' address, phone number, etc. A video tape was made of the account. Maps with locations of sightings will be drawn up eventually as well. These pictures are some of the ones that I took of the Horizon area where Cecilia Montanez had her sightings. Please note that the photos below overlap in an effort for a panoramic view Horizon area at Eastlake Blvd. Looking southeast. Looking south homes are new.

Eastlake Blvd looking Southwest. Water Tower is visible in one photo. Distant homes in the photo on the right are new and were not present at the time of sighting. Eastlake Blvd looking west.

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Looking northwest over mound. The mound to the left is in the approximate area where Montanez's bigfoot was seen. It disappeared and seemed to go "into the ground" according to the witness.

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Looking east from in front of the Horizon School notice tower Behind the Horizon Middle School facing west Montanez said that the workers who dug the sewer lines here said they found a cave which continued on past where they filled it in. Behind Horizon Middle School looking southwest. To the east behind us as we took this picture are homes immediately across the street. Behind Horizon Middle School looking west where caves are supposed to be located underground. We investigated this area south of the Horizon Middle School and found no openings to any caves or caverns, however, we did not have the time to cover very much area.

Completely separate sources claimed to know of a cave entrance "behind a Horizon school" as well, however, we have lost contact with this person so are unable to verify exact location of any such cave. Looking east from Montanez' subdivision. Note that although the picture doesn't show it well, the desert is just beyond the visible homes.

It was night, but the creature was seen not by Montanez, but another witness name witheld going towards the west - running from the light pole on the left to the right.

Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past Desert Heat: Creature From The Past
Desert Heat: Creature From The Past

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