Dazed in the Light - Memoirs of a Hong Kong drug dealer.

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When she was in high school, Treva sought the help of police. Surely the predatory uncle had gone after Treva, too. But before anyone could get to the truth, Treva vanished. Brandi starts us off with the old timey-est kidnapping of them all! Two men pulled up beside him and lured him into their carriage.

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Ronald Ball was thirsty. So he walked over to the vending machine, got himself a Mountain Dew and cracked it open. He took a swig. Right away, he became violently ill. As soon as he recovered, he turned his attention to the Mountain Dew. What the hell was wrong with it? As he poured the rest of the soda into a cup, a dead mouse plopped out. When Ronald Ball threatened Pepsico with a lawsuit, the company relied on a defense that shocked the world… and probably had their PR team looking for new jobs.

Then, Brandi tells us about a string of bank robberies that occurred in the summer of The body was charred. It had been beaten and stabbed. Law enforcement officers were stunned. Then Kristin tells us about Jeff and Jody Brooks.

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A few weeks later, Jessie was back at home, watching her episode. Just as promised, her naked body was blurred. That image was captured and spread all over the internet.

Jessie was humiliated. She felt lied to. So she decided to sue. Then Brandi tells us about the abduction of Amber Hagerman. Her name might not initially sound familiar, but you probably know her legacy. A neighbor witnessed the abduction. Soon, the FBI stepped in. But did they have enough information to find Amber? It was the winter of , and Sue Duncan and her husband Leo Fisher were settling in for a quiet night at home. Sue had a chicken roasting in the oven, and Leo was reading on his recliner. Then, the doorbell rang.

Leo opened the door to find a man in a long black jacket at his doorstep. It was pretty simple. Every time you bought a Pepsi, you earned points. With those points, you could buy items from the Pepsi catalogue. To advertise Pepsi Points, Pepsi aired a commercial aimed at showing off all of their sweet swag. You could buy a t-shirt. A leather jacket. And, as a funny little twist, they ended the commercial by saying that Pepsi drinkers could buy a Harrier jet for 7,, points. It was clearly a joke. Plus, they were only available for military use. A year-old business student named John Leonard.

In this episode, Kristin pulled from: The commercial itself, which is available on YouTube Leonard v.

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Pepsico, Inc. They own the local newspaper. But on Monday morning, their longtime housekeeper made a gruesome discovery. John, Tinker, and year-old Katherine Hruby were dead. Everyone in the Hruby family was dead. Everyone but Alan. Then, Brandi tells us about a murder mystery at the Glensheen Historic Estate. The 20, square foot mansion is something to behold. But for a long time, the mansion was home to the Congdon family. But her death came sooner than anticipated. Who could have carried out such a senseless crime?

Brandi starts us off with a story that makes her skin crawl. She dry heaved like five times telling this story. It starts innocently enough. In late , Brian and Susan Trost bought their dream home. Soon after they moved in, the Trosts gave their new home a deep clean. But she figured wrong. Then Kristin tells us about what is arguably the most controversial episode of any daytime talk show, ever. On March 6, , the Jenny Jones Show taped an episode on same sex secret crushes.

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He talked a lot about trust and positivity. But something seemed off. When Tyler first told his friends about his plan to throw a party, they were a little skeptical. His parents were super strict. Tons of kids showed up from all over the sleepy town of Port St. Lucie, Florida. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: Shirley Kopitske was concerned. When she drove to his house to check on him, she discovered a horrifying scene. Glenn was dead, and had been for some time.

But months went by, and a bold, unashamed suspect emerged.

Dazed in the Light - Memoirs of a Hong Kong drug dealer.
Dazed in the Light - Memoirs of a Hong Kong drug dealer.
Dazed in the Light - Memoirs of a Hong Kong drug dealer.
Dazed in the Light - Memoirs of a Hong Kong drug dealer.
Dazed in the Light - Memoirs of a Hong Kong drug dealer.

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